To date, Blue Roots Project has received about 500 water stories through the website and social media, with contributors from 33 different countries. The weeks following World Water Day provided some time for the team to reflect on not only the volume of contributions, but also the quality and variety. We’ve been thrilled at how people have discovered and gravitated toward the project, and submitted once or, for many, multiple times.

With our team transitioning into careers (we’re all graduating!) and passing on this project to a new team of Center for EMDD students, we wanted to create one final piece to highlight the contributors of the project and their stories–not just the stories they submitted but the story behind what motivated them to contribute to Blue Roots Project.

Here’s our contributors’ water reflections.

We hope you’ve enjoyed following along. We’ve certainly enjoyed engaging with everyone on social media and through the blog and our podcast. But we can’t wait to see where the next team takes this project and how they make their mark in the water space.