Water advocates wear many hats

A person’s passion for environmental and water advocacy grows over time through unique experiences. However, it all starts with a significant moment that catches our attention, potentially turning us into lifelong advocates.

For the members of the Blue Roots Project team, those moments, stories or events are different for each one of us, but we all have become more involved and aware of the water crisis and the environment by working on this project. The topic of water and its related challenges consumes much of our time and our conversations, even outside this project. Because once you learn the reality of water issues and get involved, it becomes impossible to ignore.

Those who have contributed thus far to the Blue Roots Project come from all walks of life and are often advocates through their day jobs and after hours. This week, we’re highlighting our contributors and the different hats they wear as water advocates.


Gale Johns

This jewelry designer (Raging River Designs) also works with Missouri River Relief as a “hard core” crew member.

Delaney Jackson

Delaney has submitted a few stories since the launch of Blue Roots Project. She’s this year’s Miss Central Indiana’s Outstanding Teen, competing on a platform focused on water issues in Africa via Team World Vision.

Sembera Simon

Sembera Simon is another Blue Roots contributor who has submitted multiple stories. In his most recent, he shares a photo working on water issues with Tusenvule, a charity organization in Busoga, Uganda, outside of his job in construction as a quality assurance engineer in hydraulics.

Melinda Alfano

Another regular contributor, Melinda is definitely involved in the water space, through her education and career. But she’s also just like many of us involved in these issues who work toward bettering the environment and our waterways at many different levels, including small steps even at home.