Perspectives on water: from our backyards to yours

Part of the beauty of the Blue Roots Project and #MyWaterStory campaign is that through social media and mobile technology, people from all over the world can share their diverse perspectives on water, from policy and access to aesthetic and quality. We hope that we’ve made it simple to tell your storyfrom wherever you are.

We know there are still so many people out there with water stories our project may not reach. If you know someone with a story to share, please let us know or share our project with them.

This week’s roundup of submissions offer a global view of water, from its beauty to its challenges.

From Washington to Cambodia: The Dare to Love Project

Dee Benton, of Washington state, and her two daughters Faith and Rachel started The Dare to Love Project about three years ago to help orphans in Cambodia. They’re currently raising money through the DTL Water Challenge.

From Wisconsin to Cancun, Mexico: our biggest fan and best supporter

Sometimes moms can be our biggest supporters and champions for the work that we do. Since the launch of the Blue Roots Project, one contributor has shared more than 25 contributions to #MyWaterStory and through the website. But Daiva Manfredini is not only a major contributorshe’s also the mom of Aiste Manfredini, our communication strategist.

Aiste is our social media queen and an excellent ambassador of the Blue Roots Project. Her passion for water and the environment and her connections within this already active community have provided a perspective that only Aiste brings to the Blue Roots Project team. She is an environmental advocate to everyone she meets, her family included. We have all loved seeing her mom Daiva’s beautiful photos and captions. A Lithuanian native, Daiva has also encouraged others to contribute to the project, adding diverse perspectives from around the globe and far beyond the town in Wisconsin where she now lives.

Although we’ve enjoyed all of Daiva’s submissions, here’s the latest—a video set to music from Playa Delfines in Cancun. Thanks Daiva for your continued support!

From the Great Plains of America: The Water Places Project

An artist in the Great Plains uses water to inspire her work. She posted this piece about water in the language of a tribe native to the Great Plains.

From Oregon to faraway nations: making purified water a possibility

Puralytics shared this photo of their product and water purifier Solarbag, along with an important stat about the need for access to clean water in some nations around the world.

From Lake Ontario–a source of beauty and drinking water

From Nora on a visit to Nelles Beach on Lake Ontario.