Reconnecting with Water

Water comprises the majority of the human body, but as human beings our connection to water goes beyond its healthful and life-giving qualities. Water can shape the trajectory of our lives and provide experiences that we remember for a lifetime.

This week’s top submissions are all about reconnecting with water, through personal memories, a walk around a neighborhood or helping to remind others of their connection to nearby waterways.

A memory from Lake Michigan

Derek spent his summers on the shores of Lake Michigan and shared a photo of himself on the lake.

An evolving water story

Blake tweeted about the impact of water on his childhood, and beyond.

Larger-than-life reminder

Merijn Everaarts, founder of Dopper, not only offers an alternative to plastic bottles through his business’s product, but is also working on an installation of the Brooklyn Bridge to raise awareness of the harm of plastic bottles to our waterways and remind people about the importance of caring for water. Below is just a screenshot, but here’s the link to see the video.

Rediscovering a connection to water in your own neighborhood

Leslie shared this short video out in the elements in Indianapolis.

Source of inspiration

Baton Rouge artist Meghan Ogans shares her mixed-media abstract piece, Sea of Glass.